Latest LCD Monitors (Last Updated Feb 2009)

Dell E228WFP 22" WIDE LCD

Dell steals the spotlight once again with the Acer 19" Widescreen Flat-Panel LCD Monitor Taking 2nd place in Consumer Reports' 19" monitor category, the Acer P191W is an excellent buy. With the highest possible ratings in display quality and ease of use, its not surprising this monitor ranks better than average.  Other attractive features include a lengthy warranty and a supplied DVI cable. * '''Pro:''' ** 250 nits of brightness, 500:1 contrast ratio, 16 ms response time ** D-sub VGA connector ** VESA compliant and supports Kensington security locks ** ''Excellent Price'' * '''Con:''' ** Mediocre viewing angle ** No HDMI support

Past LCD Monitors

Samsung SyncMaster 931C LCD

Bring out the champagne because it's time to celebrate one of the most advanced LCD monitors released to date. The most impressive feature about the ViewSonic VX2025wm ViewSonic's recent Apple Cinema HD Display 30-inch The 30motion hinge about 5 degrees forward or up to 25 degrees backward with very little effort. Despite its size, the display has a small footprint, and can be mounted on a wall as well. This option requires additional accessories including the Cinema Display VESA Mount Adapter ($29) and a VESA mount kit. The large, bright screen feels similar to sitting in the front row at a movie theater. However, you will adjust to the display's size in time and revel in its sharp images, vivid colors, and crisp text. The viewable area is 29powered USB 2.0 hub, so you can connect a variety of peripherals, including a digital camera, scanner, camcorder, iPod dock, or iSight webcam. * '''Pro:''' ** Extremely high-resolution display. ** Bright, sharp images. ** Consistent color from edge to edge and corner to corner. ** Rich blacks and crisp text, even at small type sizes. * '''Con:''' ** Very expensive. ** Requires a dualcapable graphics card. ** Only supports one input.

Dell UltraSharp 3007WFP Widescreen LCD Display