Lamps Buying Guide

Nothing can change the mood of a room like a good lamp. It can brighten, add color and warmth, and illuminate specific areas of your household. Lamps have a practical component as wellboxes'>light boxes. Fortunately, we have lots of choices when it comes to purchasing lamps, depending on our needs and how much space we have for decoration. Check out your options and then go shopping!


Generally, lamps have been differentiated from light fixtures as "light fixtures. See a general overview of types of lamps below.

Lovely Illumination

Pick up one of these lamps to help decorate and brighten your home!

Lamp Collecting

Love the look of antique lamps? Lamps can be collected flea markets or specialized stores, as well as online. They can range from 18-20th century and come in a range of styles. Here a few popular collectors' items.

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