Jewelry for Girls

Girls of all ages love the sparkle and glamour of their very own jewelry. Playing dress get the special gal in your life her very own bling.

Baby and Toddler Jewelry

If you're planning on dressing up your infant, be very careful. Babies explore with their mouths and any jewelry can be a choking hazard. Therefore, make sure to always keep an eye out on what your infant is doing with the jewelry.   That said, baby and toddler jewelry is a great gift idea. Matching jewelry for the mom and child can be an especially unique gift, as it is something that symbolizes that special bond between mother and daughter. Here are some very cute things that your little girl can wear for special occasions. Bracelets are usually the best bet since they pose the least safety hazard.

Elementary School Kids

She's developing her own fashion sense now, so let her experiment with fun, colorful things you can pick out together. Your little girl will look pretty as a princess (or a beautiful dragonMaking'>make jewelry! It's a great bonding activity that will also allow her to express her creativity.  


School is a great place to pick up fashion trends, so expect a trip to the mall (or two) at the beginning of the school year for what everyone's wearing.  Keep the peace by letter her choose her own jewelry, but maybe get her something nice for her birthday.  She might not wear it much now but she'll appreciate it when she's older. Youth-oriented stores like Claire's are the great places to shop, but also look at smaller boutiques for fun costume jewelry. There are also plenty of gemstones that aren't terribly expensive; for special occasions, a birthstone necklace is a great way to go. What's hot right now? Check it out!

Jewelry Boxes

If you feel that jewelry is simply not enough, then a jewelry box is a great complement to consider. Girls will especially love how "grown up" they feel when they are able to organize their jewelry, just like their mom! Here are some great types of jewelry boxes any girl will appreciate.