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Jewelry shopping? Shopping for bigracking, frustrating, scary.... see where this is going? Well you can relax: we've already done the heavy lifting for you. These buying guides will help you sort through the madness. Whether you know the difference between carat and karat or not, by the time you're done here you'll be ready to make your luxury purchase. Are you thinking about buying jewelry as a gift? If you're not sure what is or isn't appropriate, maybe you should read up on How to Buy Gifts before you get started here. For those of you with something specific in mind, choose from any of the guides below. And remember, when in doubt, go with a birthstone! Never buy anything online without knowing how to get what you're looking for. Here is a guide for buying jewelry online without getting swindled.



Watches can be a beautiful piece of jewelry, whether they are intended for men or women. For men, a fine watch is often a status symbol and a sense of pride. And not every woman wants another necklace, but a Women's Watches buying guides. When buying a watch, whether for yourself or as a gift, you'll have several decisions to make. * '''Color''': Take into consideration what color you want to choose. Silver and gold are the most common, especially for luxury and dress watches, but watches come in tons of colors now so anything you are in the mood for is probably out there. * '''Band''': Your choice of band is all about comfort. Leather bands are soft and can be easily adjusted for smaller wrists by punching in holes, while metal bands look flashier and usually clip shut. * '''Material''': Watches can be made of gold, silver, stainless steel, and even have diamond or quartz plating. * '''Style''': Casual, chronograph, heart rate monitor, or stop watch. A watch can be multiple useful things in one portable device, depending on what you need.

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* Milestone Jewelry Gifts are often a big reason for jewelry shopping and this guide can help.

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