Jewelry Gift Guide

Sooner or later, you're going to have to buy someone a jewelry present. It might be for your mom, your daughter, your boyfriend or your fiancée, but it will happen. Don't panic!  We're here to help. This gift guide is for general jewelry presents. If you're interested in learning about that one really important jewelry present, check out the guide to Engagement Rings.

Birthday Gifts

Unless this is a "milestone" birthday (30th, 50th, 18th, etc.), you can go easy on the jewelry. Have some fun maybe a strand of pearls or a diamond tennis bracelet.


Jewelry is a great present for any anniversary whether the traditional gift is paper or diamonds. Here are a few suggestions for the first five years Gifts'>Anniversary Gifts.

Valentine's Day

Romantic is the key here. Hearts, X's and O's, flowers, skull and crossbones $200. If your relationship is serious, you can roll a little higher.


Many parents and other relatives consider high school or college graduation to be the time when their little girl is all grown up. Look for pieces that will convey a new sense of maturity while still reasonably suiting her youth. Let her take a little bit of college with her with a mascot or sorority necklace, or propel her into the professional world with a more mature set of pearl jewelry or a gorgeous new watch.

Mother's Day

When you were a little kid, a plastic lanyard necklace or a homemade macaroniglitter bracelet was just the thing your mom wanted for Mother's Day.  Now that you're a little older you should probably get her something nicer to say, "Thank you for putting up with me." Also make sure to call her, she'll like that too.

Tips for Choosing Jewelry

Jewelry pieces are certainly one of the best options of a gift for a woman. Jewelry has a magical effect upon almost every woman; a beautiful selection will demonstrate the importance of your relationship and your respect for her. However, it's not an easy task for most men to choose an appropriate jewelry gift. No need to panic or feverishly hunt through all the jewelry boutiques in your city; ! Here are a few simple tips to help you make your decision. ! '''Tip 1. Look and listen attentively.''' It's sometimes enough to look attentively at what she already has in order to understand what kind of jewels she likes. This way you can define her individual style, her favorite gems and understand what kinds of jewelry pieces are lacking in her wardrobe. For example, if she frequently wears a pearl necklace, a pair of pearl earrings as a gift for her will certainly fit the bill. Casually show her an advertisement in a magazine or on a billboard and ask her opinion. Her answers will certainly help you in your search. '''Tip 2. Take her individuality into account.''' If she is a very romantic person, think hearts! You can get a heart-shaped pendant or a bracelet made of hearts. Some gemstones can be cut into hearts as well. If she prefers classic style or likes wearing business suits, choose a pair of small diamond earrings or an elegant gold chain. Don't feel too limited, however; jewelry in the shape of the sun, her favorite animal, or flowers will certainly bring a smile to her face. Look out for very "now" jewelry that might be out of style by next month; for example, pirate themes were hot in 2006 but don't expect them to return in 2007. '''Tip 3. Ask her best friends.''' Her sister, mother or friend will tell you about her preferences and help you find the right gift. '''Tip 4. Practical gift-giving. ''' If you present a woman with a cute pedant, buy a chain she could wear it on. If you want to stash away an extra present for the next occasion, you can buy a jewellery item that is a part of a set. For example, if you present her with a bracelet, next time you can choose earrings of the same set.