Infant and Toddler Clothing

Many new parents are bombarded with gifts of clothing for a newborn baby. Thoughtful friends and family may get you through the first few weeks of your child's life with * Keep in mind that your baby will be growing with each passing month, try to select items that are a little too large for your child. * Sizing can be rather arbitrary so use your best judgment and read the feedback from other parents about clothing fit. * Have fun with your shopping. Before long, your child will have definite opinions about what to wear, for now it's all up to you!

Shopping Specifics

* Clothing should be '''durable''' and able to withstand multiple runs through the washing machine (dry cleaning baby clothes can get very expensive). * Select '''comfortable''' and '''well-fitting '''clothes, watch out for large tags and stiff fabrics. * Opt for '''easyclean''' items that don't require ironing. * The best clothes are also '''easy to put on and take off''' the baby, avoid fussy snaps and items with too many buttons. !

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