Humans have been hunting animals since, well, before written history so nobody knows.  While the technology and gear has advanced over the years, the concept remains the same: to pursue and kill live animals for food, sport, or trade.  Hunting is also a useful way to eliminate vermin and prevent overpopulation. 

Hunting Supplies

These products should cover all the bases to get you started in no time.  You might want to go to an outdoors specialized shop to buy the more important items, like the rifle and scope.

Deer Hunting TIps

* Your rifle of choice should be somewhere between a .243 caliber and larger. * Your target should be within 150 yards.  If you are a hotshot who practices from further out, shoot within your comfortable range. * Deers are colorblind, so camouflage is largely unnecessary.  Bowhunters might want to use it because they have to move in close without their movement being detected. * Don't shoot at a moving animal; you will probably just wound it.  The deer will get away from you and it will probably bleed to death, so everybody loses.

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