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If the gift is destined to a close friend or family member, your best bet is to find something that is cohesive with the host's personal style. This is easier since you know them well and because you will already have an idea of what style they had in their old home. * '''Look and listen for clues.''' ** '''Listening.''' Often people will drop hints about things they need or plan to buy. For example, "These pillows are so outdated. Maybe I'll get new covers for them since I can't bear parting with them." Bingo. ** '''Looking. '''Check for labels and brand names in a person's home. It may lead you to their favorite store. If you ever go shopping together, or hear about the person's shopping ventures, remember the shops the person likes best. * '''Remember what they are picky about. ''' ** '''Colors'''. Beware of choosing a bad colored item. I've known people who wanted their entire house to be all white (talk about having an intensive cleaning regimen). ** '''Fabrics'''. Luxury fabrics can be nice but not always appropriate. Vegetarians probably wouldn't appreciate anything in leather, but my cowgirl mother would love a rawhide lampshade. Silk is nice, but wouldn't go well in a rustic home. ** '''Details'''. Some people are highly organized, while others not so much. Organizational items can help clean up a living space and make it easier to store, sort, and organize things especially when moving in for the first time. Things from the Container Store or Hold Everything are good for keeping every item in its spot. Here are some ideas based on a person's personal style. Mainly these are home goods and they can be applied to everyone. The key is to finding what style best suits them and then find an accessory that would match it. Use your imagination. You can stick to something for the kitchen or roam into the living or bedroom. Picture frames, vases, throws, pillows, book ends, baskets, and wreaths are all options that can easily be adapted to a variety of styles.