Home Gyms

For a total body workout with weights, a weight training, home gyms offer a way to learn proper form without sustaining any injury, plus home gyms eliminate the need for a spotter when doing heavy lifting. It also has the added benefit of making you work on both contraction of the muscles and the release, which needs to be slow and controlled.

Choosing the Right Gym


Other Things to Think About

* '''Warranty''' ** With large, expensive home exercise equipment it is imperative that you purchase a good warranty to cover parts and labor. You might even consider the extended warranty. ** Always compare warranties on brands that you are considering to buy since they are synonymous with construction quality. The longer the warranty, the better. Frames with lifelong warranties are a sure bet. Cables and other parts should be warrantied for about three years or more. * '''Personal Comfort''' ** Comfort is key. Part of knowing which model is most comfortable for you is actually going and using it. ** Models with padded seats or back rests and non-slip handles should be at the top of the list. * '''Construction''' ** Steel and metal parts are always more reliable and durable than plastic. ** Stability is key. Nothing should wobble or shake when using the machine. This is also a concern when you store the machine. It should fold up tightly so that it doesn't have a chance of toppling over. * '''Things to Avoid''' ** Avoid celebrity endorsed machines. ** Avoid fad inspired equipment. ** Avoid models that appear to require complicated assembly. *** When in doubt, read the fine print about what is included in the price. *** Sometimes delivery doesn't include set up, which might be a priority for some. *** Check that the delivery isn't just dropping the gym in your driveway. Ensure that they will bring it all the way into the house and to where it needs to be set up, even if you are going to assemble it yourself.