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Fragrance has always been part of the ambiance of the home, but in the last few years there has been a significant increase in the number of options available for altering the fragrance of your living spaces. There are numerous options available; you'll definitely be able to find a scent delivery system that works for you! One thing to keep in mind is your budet. You can get reasonably good products in any of the below categories for not much money, but you will often get a better quality product if you spend a little extra. A better quality product will have a higher concentration of fragrance in most cases, but might also mean an electric air freshener with a fan or a particularly ornate oil warmer. Candles and reed diffusers tend to be the most expensive. Incense can be cheap (as little as $2 for a few dozen sticks) but higher-quality incense will cost more. Whichever form of air freshener or fragrance you choose, make sure you follow the directions. Aromatic compounds can be volatile around a heat source; make sure to take appropriate safety precautions to avoid burns and fire. Consider buying a small Scented Candles


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