What are ShopWiki video reviews?

ShopWiki video reviews are a way to duplicate the experience of having a friend guide you through the buying process. This person shows you the features, demonstrates the product and gives you practical advice to assist you in determining whether a product is for you. ShopWiki video reviews also aim to act like a friend (in the form of real users) helping users through the shopping process. These are NOT commercials for products, personal videos or funny skits. '''Videos should give a focused, objective and informative description of a product or category and they should be of products that benefit from a video review.''' For example, a video of an individual piece of clothing is not helpful, but a roundup comparing the hottest jeans on the market is.

Are you really going to pay me $50 for a video review?

'''AFTER FEBRUARY 28TH AT 11:59PM ET, WE WILL NO LONGER BE PAYING $50 FOR ALL VIDEOS THAT ARE SUBMITTED & ACCEPTED, BUT YOUR WORK WILL BE INDUCTED INTO THE SHOPWIKI VIDEO REVIEW LIBRARY FOR OUR USERS TO VIEW.''' Our video review promotion, which has been extended once already, will become inactive after February 28th at 11:59PM ET , but we will continue accepting video reviews for our library. For your video to be accepted, it must be useful, clear, concise and meet all of our requirements stated on this page.'' '''ShopWiki reserves the right to decline a video for ANY reason.'''''

When will I know if my video is accepted?

ShopWiki will review your submission within one to two business days. Depending on volume of video reviews received, there may be a delay in receiving feedback, but a member of our staff will always contact you stating that your video has been approved. Your video review will be available to view on the site shortly afterwards.

Can I submit more than one review?

You can submit as many reviews as you like, '''but each review will be judged on its own merit.'''

Will ShopWiki contact me if my video is unacceptable?

ShopWiki will make every attempt to contact all the members of our community that submit videos. You should receive rejection notice within two business days of your entry. Please bear with us. If we get a large number of videos in a day, it may take a little longer to contact everyone.

Does ShopWiki make sure that reviews are accurate?

While ShopWiki does check reviews for blatant misrepresentations, we do not certify the accuracy of reviews.

Why do I need to have a username?

Your ShopWiki user account gives us the information to enable your payment. All users are encouraged to personalize their user home pages, which can be used to display any content you wish. Customize your page and use it to promote yourself both inside the ShopWiki community and outside to your friends and family. Add links, image and content that describes you and/or your business. This home page is the one place on ShopWiki that we allow marketing and promotional information.

Can I submit a video review without a user name?

ShopWiki does not currently allow video review submissions without a user account with a valid email address.

Do I have to review individual products?

You can review an individual product, multiple products within a category or an entire category. For example, you can review a Blackberry alone, compare and contrast it with a Treo, or do a product roundup comparing all of the Smartphones currently on the market. If you are doing a roundup, please make sure you have knowledge on all products and can demonstrate more than half of them in the video. Having all the products on hand in a product roundup is preferable.

How long should my video be?

We are looking for complete but concise reviews. If you are reviewing an individual product, reviews should be kept between 1 and 3 minutes in length. If you are going to do a comparison of two or three products or a product roundup of several products, your video can be longer. Remember, we are looking for clear, concise videos. Unnecessarily long videos are likely to be rejected.

What types of products can I review?

Although you can review most products and categories, certain reviews will not be helpful and will not be accepted. We are looking for reviews of items with visual features that people spend time thinking about when they are making their purchasing decision. The bottom line is you should use common sense. For example, a review of a single type of ball point pen or diamond ring will not have much value. However, an insightful product roundup of high-end fountain pens or a guide on how to buy an engagement ring are both great ideas. Certain categories, such as Automotive, Books, CDs, DVDs, Adult, Liquor and Wine reviews, are currently not our focus.

Does the product have to be listed on ShopWiki?

The product must be found through ShopWiki's search to be accepted. Do a quick search for it on our site prior to filming. Remember ShopWiki is always growing. We continue to crawling more sites, periodically adding new products. If a product or category is not currently found on in our search results, odds are it will be soon. Check back periodically and when the product shows up on ShopWiki, the time has come to create your video review.

Can I review something that has already been reviewed?

We are currently only accepting reviews for items that have not been reviewed. However, check back periodically as we plan to eventually accept multiple reviews.

Can I submit a review if I own an online store or manufacture the product?

ShopWiki welcomes reviews from everyone. We feel that retailers and manufacturers can give objective views on the products they sell. Submitting a video is a great opportunity to showcase your expertise and further your brand. Employees who wish to submit a review using the name of their business must first get the appropriate company approval.

How can I help ensure that my video is accepted?

We are looking for quality in all areas. Excessive motion, inadequate lighting, inappropriate language, poor speaking volume and/or pace, poor editing, and poor product/category choice are potential reasons for your video not being accepted. The subject of the video should be centered and have sufficient and appropriate lighting. Speak clearly at the appropriate volume and pace and do not use explicit language. Make sure the video is concise and clean. Remember the video has to help a fellow ShopWIki user make a buying decision. A lot of extraneous information is not helpful. '''''ShopWiki reserves the right to decline a video for ANY reason.'''''

Can I resubmit if my video is declined?

You can always resubmit a video, if you feel that you can create a better quality video that has a good chance at approval.

Do I have to do any editing?

While you do not have to edit your video, '''ShopWiki will NOT edit your video. All videos will be judged as received. '''Therefore, if you do not plan on editing your video, you must make sure that your film is well rehearsed and of high quality. We will not fix any errors or alter the video if we feel it is not acceptable.

What is required in terms of content?

Remember, the goal is to help consumers figure out what they want to buy. The content, tone and execution of the video should reflect that. The focus should be on the product with as many close-ups of the product and product features as possible. A video review with few or no shots of the product where the reviewer simply states his review on camera offers no additional value. Below is an example of video that was recently accepted. The following components are REQUIRED for videos, unless stated as optional: * '''Opening''' up of the product you are reviewing. * '''Introduction''' One or two sentence greeting. ** '''Personal Introduction ''' State your name. *** Optional '''You may add where you are from and what you do for a living. If you have approval, you may also state the name of the company you work for. *** Optional If you have approval, you may put a small, tasteful company sign in the background or in a place that doesn't interfere with the shot. You may also wear shirts or hats with your company logo. ** '''Product Introduction ''' One or two sentences stating the brand and the exact model (including all letters and numbers) of the product you are reviewing. : '''EXAMPLE''': “Hi I’m Mark. I do business development for a technology company and this is the Blackberry 8700c for Cingular." * '''Product Feature Description''' ups to display the product and specific product features. : '''EXAMPLE''': “It has your standard Blackberry jog wheel and escape button, and an assignable menu key." (Camera zooms in on features.) * '''Product Demonstrations''' Visually demonstrate some or all of the working features. : '''Example:''' "The back light is really good. It actually is a great feature on the phone in that it detects the amount light in a room and will set the correct back light for any situation." (Back light is activated and camera zooms in to demonstrate the quality of the backlight.) * '''Personal Review''' –- Discuss your own experience with the product and product features. Discuss your overall level of satisfaction and specific positives and negatives. The point is not to sell the product but to give an objective perspective based on personal experience : '''EXAMPLE''': “I’ve dropped it a few times so far and it hasn't broken and I've been really happy about that.” * Optional – Compare product features and qualities to those of the competition. : '''EXAMPLE''': “If you're really going to be doing a lot of heavy web browsing, you may not like this phone relative to some of the other smartphones with touch screens because once you have the stylus and you're able to touch the screen it really makes for a more robust Web browsing experience.” * '''Closing''' -– Restate your name and the full product name and then hold your position for two seconds. : '''EXAMPLE''': “My name is Mark and this is the Blackberry 8700c.”

What file formats are accepted?

Any type of digital video file will be accepted, including .mpg, .avi and .mov files. If you are having difficulty uploading your video please let us know at

How do I upload my video?

You can upload your video from our homepage or simply by clicking here.

Where will videos appear and how do I know if a product has a video review?

Videos will appear on search page, product pages and in the wiki guides. Video reviews that match a particular search will show up next to the video icon below the list of relevant buying guides.

How can I embed a video review on my blog or site?

Videos can be embedded by using the html provided in a videos "about" page. On the bottom left of the video player you will see an "about" link which will take you to a page where you can view the video, learn more about who created the video and copy the html that you need to embed the video. Feel free to embed any review on your blog, site or online community page.

Do I own the rights to my video review?

While you must agree to grant ShopWiki a nonconditions'>terms and conditions, you do retain ownership of the rights to your video and may use it in any way you choose. !
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