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For media inquiries, please contact ShopWiki James Keating at   Rory Cumming, who led online marketing at magazine and book publisher Rodale Inc., has been appointed CEO of shopping search engine ShopWiki, where he will lead the company’s planned international expansion |- |valign="top" width="9%" | ! |} ! ! ! ! ! "Shoppers have an entertaining new way to research everything from digital cameras to ice-cream brands: video product reviews created by other shoppers." |- |valign="top" width="9%" | !
|valign="top" width="63%" | !Better Shopping: Improving Online Comparison Shopping !'''BusinessWeek Online''' !Download a podcast featuring ShopWiki co-founder Kevin Ryan discussing his new online search service, which combines comparison shopping with Wikis. |width="3%" |     |} ! ! ! ! ! ! &link=&keyword=bambi-francisco'>Startups Mimic Wikipedia !'''MarketWatch''' !To do my part, I added a line to ShopWiki's Father's Day Gifts. That simple line adds to that page, whereas it might just be noise elsewhere. |width="3%" |   |} ! '>They're Back !'''MarketWatch''' !Kevin Ryan, who founded DoubleClick, an Internet advertising agency, has recently launched a new service. |- |valign="top" width="7%" | !
|valign="top" width="65%" | !Shopping with a Wiki Touch !'''Direct Magazine''' !Consider ShopWiki the consumer-facing shopping engine, built with the buyer in mind rather than the seller. |- |valign="top" width="7%" | !
|valign="top" width="65%" | !NY Tech Community !'''InfoTangle''' !A shopping search engine on steroids. |- |valign="top" width="7%" | !
|valign="top" width="65%" | !ShopWiki - Next-Generation Shopping Search Engine Review !'''Next Generation Shopping''' !They have an intelligent search engine setup. You can type more complex queries such as price ranges...Crawling gives them access to more merchants.\ |- |valign="top" width="7%" | !
|valign="top" width="65%" | !Wiki Woman !'''GeekyMomma''' !A new Wiki that I just found and particularly like is |- |valign="top" width="7%" | !
|valign="top" width="65%" | !Let Your Engines Do the Shopping ($) (Purchase for Full Text) !'''Chicago Tribune''' !Using [ShopWiki] is almost like hanging out with a bunch of the best, non-pushy sales clerks. |- |valign="top" width="7%" | !
|valign="top" width="65%" | !Episode 43 !'''CommandN''' !Podcast highlights include searching for products on Shopwiki (at :10:00). |- |valign="top" width="7%" | !
|valign="top" width="65%" | !ShopWiki !'''Super Jellyfish''' !ShopWiki is a website that I noticed last week. I think it’s a great idea. |- |valign="top" width="7%" | !
|valign="top" width="65%" | !Website of the Week! !'''BargainsLA''' !One of the best search engines to comparison shop. |width="3%" |   |} ! ! !