Health and Beauty Products Onboard

Just yesterday you couldn't bring any liquids, gels, or creams onboard the aircraft. However, the TSA has now lifted the 100% ban and given passengers a little more leeway. The adjustments will allow people to carry small quantities of liquids, creams, gels, and even aerosols onboard as long as you follow the proper criteria. * Travel-sized toiletries are allowed. That means any container with three ounces or less of liquid, cream, gel, or aerosol product is allowed. * The toiletries must be placed in a quart sized clear plastic bag. * Lipstick, lipgloss, and lip balm are allowed as long as they are less than three ounces worth. * All solid cosmetics allowed. Liquid cosmetics (3oz. or less) are allowed. Should you need to bring larger quantities of supplies, pack them in your checked luggage instead. Only take the bare necessities in your carry-on to avoid any trouble at security checkpoints. Also note that you may now carry onboard food and drinks purchased after clearing security. The following products will cover your basic necessities and then some without causing any problems.

Clean Teeth

Germ-Free Hands

Face Wash Substitutes

Smooth Skin

Great Hair

Flawless Makeup

Smell Like a Rose