Nothing says Other Factors * '''Spreader Bars''' ** Spreader bars are those two pieces of wood that keep the hammock flat instead of cocoon-shaped. ** Some people are more comfortable with them, others prefer their hammocks unspread. Try out a couple of hammocks of each type before you decide which is right for you. ** Spreader bars make a hammock slightly less stable, so use a little extra caution. * '''Space''' ** Most hammocks are between 10' and 15' long. ** If you plan to hang your hammock between two trees, be sure that you have appropriate trees. ** Many hammocks can also be hung from hammock stands. These will allow you to position your hammock wherever you like, but they can cost quite a bit. * '''Accessories''' ** There are a number of hammock accessories available. ** The most popular are drink holders for convenience. ** You can also purchase: *** hammock pads to make rope hammocks more comfortable; *** wheel kits for your hammock stand; *** tree straps to protect your trees; *** hanging kits; *** protective sleeves (only for hammocks without spreader bars); *** caddies; ***mosquito netting.

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