Hair Accessories Buying Guide

There is no better way to add personality to an outfit than with a pretty hair accessory. Long, short, and medium hair can always be dressed up as a great addition to the rest of your ensemble to help you to create a desired look. Check out some of the most popular types of hair accessories that are available for you below:

What To Use for Different Hair Types

As you can see, hair accessories come in all different sizes, shapes, colors, and forms. Naturally, the biggest problem for most is not knowing what to pair with what hair type. Here are some basic guidelines that can help you make the best choices: * '''Short Hair''': While many believe that theres not much to be done with short hairstyles, that is completely not the case. Hair clips and barrettes are great additions to short hair. Even those with pixie cuts can take advantage of smaller hair clips to create definition. Hair clips come in such a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and colors that the list of different effects that can be created is endless. If you're feeling extra-girly, tiaras are also acceptable additions to short hair. Hairbands, which are commonly paired with long hair styles, can also look great with short cuts. In fact, those looking to make the oftentimes slow and awkward transition from short to long hair should consider using hairbands, as it will help to smooth out the ride. However, it is safer to stick to thinner as opposed to thicker hairbands, and try to stay away from scarves alltogether. * '''Long Hair''': The number of hair accessories that can be paired with long hair is essentially endless. For those of you looking to add some fun to a boring bun, consider hair sticks. They're an easy way to add ornamental pieces, helping you to create anything from a casual to exquisite works of art right into your hair! For those looking to just pull their hair back, elastics, scrunchies, and barrettes are the way to go, and because they come in so many different styles, theres no excuse for ''not ''expressing your personality through these basic but versatile pieces. Headbands and scarves are also great, and unlike short hair, long hair goes great with wider bands. Last but not least, hair clips are great to keep bangs out of the eyes, whether your hair is tied up or let down. * '''Thick Hair''': Having thick hair basically means you'll need more support for any accessory you use. That means, using bigger, thicker elastics and bands. Clips are also great with thick hair since there is more than enough to hold onto. Using one large ornamental piece as opposed to several smaller pieces is also better for those with thicker hair because it helps to provide a focal point and create some organization to all the volume. * '''Thin Hair''': Hair combs and hairbands with teeth are great for thin hair because it helps to grab the hair. Hairbands with teeth are especially ideal for thin hair because the groves it makes helps to create the volume. Hair sticks don't usually work well with thin hair since there just isn't enough volume to keep the sticks in place

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