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Green Home

There's no place like home to start saving the environment. Check out these tips to cut down on harming planet earth. !

Go Green By Conserving Energy

'''What are Energy Star Ratings?''' The Environmental Protection Agency awards an "energy star" to appliances that are at least 10efficient than the minimum federal standard. Look for the Energy Star logo when shopping for appliances for your home.

Water Conservation

If you're in the middle of a drought and your neighbors are complaining about the amount of water you use on your plants, there's a green solution. There are now domestic systems that allow you to harvest your rainwater so that it can be used again without wasting precious resources. In doing this, you can save money on water bills and eliminate strain on wells and water systems. On a larger scale, harvested rainwater can feed livestock, replenish ground water, increase soil moisture levels, and mitigate flooding. Check out the rain barrel below to begin the process of collecting rainwater in your home.

Green Eats

One way to be green is to store food and buy reusable kitchenware. Things like food containers and Vegetarian Resource Page for help.

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