Good Luck Foods for the New Year

The fortune come January 1, take a look at lucky foods here in the States and around the world.

American Traditions

Good Luck Foods Around the World

Tips for Your New Year's Dinner

You can read about all the New Year's traditions in the world, but the most important thing is, if you don't have them already, to establish your own. * First of all, if you already have certain foods that you eat on New Year's Day and you would like to continue with that menu, absolutely do!  If you are looking to add to your dinner, do continue reading. * If you belong to one or more of the above cultural groups, then you have an easy avenue, and by consulting the External Links below, you can find more information and recipes.  However, do not feel constrained by your background, especially if a New Year's dinner will be a new experience.  If you are Italian but vegetarian, then obviously you will not want to eat pork sausage come January 1st, but you can certainly prepare lentils, or even choose another type of legume.  Think chick peas, and so on. * If the information about your particular ethnic background does not inspire you, keep reading until you find a tradition that does.  Is there a dish in the list above that sounds particularly delicious?  If time is an issue, is one of them easily prepared and incorporated? * Are you still feeling uninspired?  Decide what you are wishing for in the year aheadAphrodisiacs'>aphrodisiac foods! * Above all, make sure there is something that everyone will enjoy, and think of these foods as a conversation piece for your family or guests.  The best holiday dinner is a lively one!

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