Gifts for Coffee Lovers

By User:riverajessica @timeAndDate(1302640761) There are two kinds of coffee drinkers in this world: those who just drink it and those who treat their coffee the way oenophiles treat wine, picking apart each sip for subtle flavor notes. It's an obsession, yes, but it's a helpful one, especially when it's time to buy them a new brew, we can help you buy the coffee lover in your life a gift he or she will truly enjoy.

Coffee Fancy

Presentation always matters, even with coffee. A new set of cups and saucers make for a gift that your java lover will no doubt appreciate.

A New Brew

If you're really at a loss, you could always buy them a coffee of the month subscription; a new flavor each month can be a much appreciated change of pace.

Coffee Treats

If you can't surprise your favorite coffee aficionado with a special roast, try finding something to complement their preferred cup of joe. Just as certain foods enhance the flavors of wine and tea, there are plenty of foods made to go with coffee. Generally speaking, you want to give something simple that won't overpower the palate, especially if your recipient prefers highly textured or robust roasts. You can also give treats that will remind them of coffee. This can be fun for you, too, since you'll most likely get to have a little taste.

Coffee On the Go

We don't always have time for a leisurely cup of coffee; sometimes it's got to be gulped down on the go. Nonetheless, you can still make the morning rush a little more pleasant with some of the gifts below:

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