Gifts for Husbands

You've done it. You've snagged your true love and he's with you for the long haul. You know he's amazing and you want to show him a little gratitude for all that he's done. Well, looks like it's gift time! Whether it's his Father's Day, or just a special day, here are some great gift ideas to help you show your affection.


Even if he's a lumberjack or a cut-throat lawyer in public, when he's with you he's your snuggle bunny foo foo. Honor what you have together with these special gifts. !

Around the House

Whether he's a putterer, a fixdweller, he'd love a gift to help in his housing missions.

Play Outside

You fell in love with the way he looks in the sunshine, so go play outside! Give him a gift he'll use with his favorite sports and recreations.

With the Kids

He's more than a great husband; he's a wonderful father. Let him play with the kids and show off his family with these presents.


He's sweet. He's sexy. And he's smart! Feed his need to read with these tomes.

Working Stiff

Your man's got a job. And he works HARD. Get him something to make his day go by just a tad more quickly.

On the Town

Whether he's a world traveler, loves to shop, or is just a busy little social butterfly, your man might like one of these gifts to keep him company on those mean streets.

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