Gifts for Brothers

He ain't heavy; he's your brother. And you love him. And you owe him a present.  Or he'll fart on your pillow. Again. So what do you get the How to Buy Gifts. ! If you want to figure your brother out based on his age, read on.

Baby Brother (0-4 Years)

He's cute, little, and will never know that you bought his heartfelt gift off a website. He can't even read, let alone operate a wiki. Learn more about him in our Babies and Toddlers section. Your parents are in charge of taking care of your brother. It's your job to supply a bit of fun in his life. Get him a great toy.

Little Brother (5-9 Years)

He's developing into a little person before your very eyes! As he goes from preschool to Toys for Grade Schoolers if you're stumped.

Kid Brother (10-13 Years)

He's already a decade old. By now you know if he likes Holiday Toy Guide guide before attempting to look cool.

Bro (14-18 Years)

Okay, he's a teenager now. Maybe you should buy yourself a gift. On the days when he wants to talk to you, you can try to punctuate the conversation with hints about a present.

Frat Brother (18-21 Years)

He's old enough to vote, join the military, and see adult films. Buy him a gift that has nothing to do with any of these activities.

Brother Man (Over 21)

By now, if you don't know what to get your brother, the first thing you should spend money on is a phone call. Get to know the man a little bit. You can now resort to