Gifts for Babies

Going to a birthday party? While there are lots of options to choose from when picking out gifts for baby, make sure that you've taken the child's age and preferences into account. Speak to their parents about what toys or characters they most enjoy, and then get them a gift based on that. Below, a few ideas for all types of gift categories.

Cute Clothing

Below are the most darling and flexible pieces for babies. Once the child has outgrown a piece, there's no going back, so keep track of how big the baby is and buy clothes accordingly- they'll be labeled according to age or weight. The baby will always get bigger, so it's better to buy a size larger if you're not sure.

Adorable Toys

Keep the baby busy with all sorts of great toys. These are classic, easy toys that any baby could love. Does the baby have a favorite type of toy? Find out and work with that theme. Make sure gifts work with the baby's age and are sure to please the parents.

For Baby's Room

Decorate the baby's room with items that she or he will keep for years. Many children are reluctant to ever give up their first blankie or pillow. Be the person to give that gift. Remember, anything that has the baby's name on it is even more special, and it's doubly helpful if there are multiple kids in the family.

More Ideas

Here are a few more great gifts for baby's birthday.

First Birthday

Planning a first birthday party for your little one? Below, a few helpful tips.   * '''Theme''': Does your baby like cake and more! * '''Timing''': Make sure the party is short enough so that kids can have fun without getting too cranky. Also, if your baby has scheduled nap times, make sure to plan around those. * '''Guest List''': Don't make the party too big. Having too many little kids around can be chaotic; and having lots of guests to entertain while watching your baby can get to be overwhelming. * '''Food''': Since the party will not be running too long, there may not be a need to serve food; but you might want to have a few appetizers for the adults. * '''The Party Space''': Make sure your party space is kid friendly, and if need be, put up fences that so you know babies will stay in one restricted area. * '''Pictures''': Don't forget your digital camera! These are definitely memories you will want to keep on film.

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