Gadgets for Specific Foods

There are hundreds of kitchen gadgets on the market today. Some, like an egg slicer, can serve multiple functions. (Most slicers are equally adept at mushrooms, cheeses, etc.) Others, like a garlic press, are indispensable for the task they perform. And there are some, like an apple corer, that do one thing only and may see only limited use in your kitchen. These tools often take the place of a knife, but a kitchen knife can perform the majority of tasks with minimal trouble. There are three important questions you should ask yourself before purchasing any gadget. * Do I have enough space for it in my kitchen? (Especially important in apartments!) * Would I use it often enough and would it save me enough time to be worth purchasing? * Is it easy to clean? With these questions as your guide, have fun exploring the wild world of kitchen gadgets. The ones listed on this page are some of the most common, but this is not a comprehensive list by any means. '''Happy Cooking!'''

The Big Five

There are a few "gadgets" that are, in fact, completely indispensable. They do tasks that cannot be performed at all well in any other way. The first four are a must for every kitchen; corn cob holders are a must for anyone who eats corn on the cob, which is a very large majority.

Garlic Tools

Spice It Up

For Meat and Seafood

Miscellaneous Fruits and Veggies

Tomato Tools

Citrus Tools

Egg Tools