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Some strollers have it all. Depending on what your budget is, and what you need out of a stroller, a fullit just depends on what you need out of it. Parenting magazines recommend that parents in an urban setting invest in darker colored strollers to ward off showing dirt, while suburban and more rural families invest in colorful strollers to make sure they can be seen at all times. And remember, safety features are great, but make sure that you can lift the stroller before purchasing.    

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* Convenient and versatile. * Longer warranties and a proven performance record. * More solid frames, big wheels, shock absorbers for smoother rides. * Roomier, padded spaces for the child and more storage space. * Seats often recline for infants and sleeping children. * Come with a canopy, rain cover, trays, and cup holders. * Could have a one-handed folding mechanism. * Some have a platform on which an older child could ride.


* Can weigh between 20-40 lbs. without accessories. * Can cost several hundred dollars. * Don't fold up or move around as easily as simpler strollers.


* They come in single and double models (tandem). Learn more from the buying guide about tandem strollers. * Some are designed as a travel system, or they can easily be adapted to fit carriers and car seats. * There are lightweight "fullstrollers'>lightweight strollers to find out more. * Some models come in a three wheel, "jogging stroller" style. Looks alone though are not what it takes to be sufficiently stable for runners. Runners need to find a fullstrollers'>jogging strollers for more information.

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