Although it may sound ludicrous, found that the biggest problem with many freezer models is that they do not actually freeze! Many of the models tested had temperatures higher than the 0°F recommended as the ideal storage temperature; some had readings as high as 48°F. Since food can spoil at temperatures higher than 0°F, it is clearly important to choose a good model if you plan to keep food in the freezer for any length of time.

Freezer Shapes

Here are some different types of freezers. Depending on the location and amount of space, different freezer types may be more practical for you. 

Freezer-Fridge Combination

Freezer and refrigerator combination units allow you to save space in your kitchen, while getting all the necessities.


* '''How much storage space do you need?''' ** Most food gets dehydrated and will be barely edible after several months. ** Each household member takes up, on average, 1.5 cubic feet of freezer space. Multiply accordingly. ** A cubic foot of freezer spaces holds about 35 pounds of food. ** In the past, a 20 cubic foot freezer would serve a meat12 cubic feet model is much more reasonable. * '''How much room do you have for this freezer?''' ** The "footprint" is how much floor space the model will take up in your home. ** Keep in mind that the storage capacity refers to the inside of the freezer. The outside will be larger.


* '''Frost vs. Frost-Free Freezers''' ** Although frost-free freezers are more efficient, the difference in energy use may not be that large. ** A highfree model may only cost $10 to $15 more to run per year. * '''Seasonal Freezer Use''' ** If you find that you only enter your freezer in certain seasons, consider a frost freezer. *** They're more efficient and, since you turn it off anyway, not too difficult to defrost. * If you fill the unused portion of the freezer with blankets or containers of water, they will provide insulation and the freezer will use less electricity. * '''EnergyGuide tags''' tell you how much power the freezer will use in a year. The lower the number, the less energy used. Eco-friendly freezers will be labeled as EnergyStar compliant. * '''New freezers''', while often more expensive, are usually more efficient and can save you money in the long run.

Other Features

* '''Internal Organization''' ** Many chest freezers are just one big empty space, and food can be lost or forgotten at the bottom. ** Some of the better models have sliding shelves or adjustable compartments so that things stay organized as well as frozen. ** You can also look for storage options from another manufacturer, but be sure that they will fit. * '''Comprehensive Warranty''' * '''Adjustable Thermostat''' ** Many will feature adjustable electronic controls. ** If you've done your research you will know if your freezer has a feature like IcePlus that accelerates the freezing rate. It's useful not only for keeping your food fresher but for making ice cubes. * '''Built-In Alarm''' * '''Quick-Freeze Option''': If you need something stored and fast, this is a good option to have. * '''Manual Defrost''' is a useful feature, but be wary that if it doesn't have a drain you should have a mop and bucket ready. * You should have a '''locking door''' to keep children out. They're also helpful in keeping the stored food at its freshest. * '''Added drawers''' will allow you to have different temperatures. You should organize your food by type so you can set the temperature to fit it perfectly. * '''Ice Maker''' ** These are the alternative to ice cube trays. They're much easier. ** Newer models will most likely come with these in the freezer door. ** You can also often get filtered tap water and ice chips out of the same system. * '''Wine coolers '''are a wonderful option if you take your cooking or collecting seriously.


These are the Kenmore * Amana * Frigidaire * Haier * Maytag

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