Football Cleats

Styles of Cleat Shoes

Buying cleats isn't just about price and style. Form and fit are crucial elements in getting the most out of your investment. Companies such as detachable. '''Molded''' * Molded cleats are permanently attached to the bottom of the shoe. * Turf shoes are a form of molded cleat that offers traction, and spring on hard turf surfaces. * Molded cleats are generally less expensive. '''Detachable''' * Detachable cleats involve removable studs that can be attached and detached to accommodate varying field conditions. * They are far more flexible allowing players to tailor their cleat length based on weather and surface, (shorter studs for a hard, dry surface and longer studs when you play on a wet, sloppy field.) * Additional equipment used with detachable cleats include additional studs and a wrench to attach and detach them.

Shoe Materials

'''Leather''' * Leather offers flexibility and breathability, both excellent qualities for sports shoes. * Very durable. * Leather cleats are generally more expensive. '''Synthetics''' * Usually less expensive than leather. * Lack the durability and breathability of leather shoes. * Synthetic material is often used in leather shoes stabilize certain areas of the shoe.

Cleat Accessories

* Buying extra laces will help you avoid the annoyance of trying to tie a broken lace together in the middle of a game. * Applying protection, such as vegetable alternatives) will help to condition your leather keeping it soft and comfortable, while protecting against the elements. * For detachable cleats you should purchase