Food Processors Buying Guide

fruit. Placing a whole potato into a food processor is no problem since the machine is designed to cut through just about anything. They are also designed with a wide body and an opening that allows you to add various foods while you are cooking and, with some large models, chop up to 14 cups of food in one sitting.


* '''Capacity''' ** Food processors are available in a wide range of sizes, from tiny threecup models. ** As with many appliances, it is generally better to overestimate the size you need you don't have to fill it up all the way, but that extra capacity might come in handy. ** Keep in mind the amount of counter and storage space available to you. Larger capacity models take up a lot of room! * '''Attachments''' ** Look for a model that has all the features you want such as a chopper or a grater. ** At the same time, watch out for extra "bonus" features that may not be useful and will probably cost you more. ** Newer models offer a food processor and blender in one. All you have to do is change the top piece. * '''Speed''' ** Some food processors have many '''speed settings'''; others have just a few. ** A '''pulse button''' is especially handy for control over foods that don't need much processing. * '''Cleanup''' ** As with any kitchen appliance, if it is easy to clean you will be more likely to use it. ** Look for models with dishwasher-safe parts, easily removable chamber and lid, etc. * '''Safety''' ** Food processors can be dangerous. Look for models with safety features, such as safe storage of blades and a locking lid.


When it comes to quick picks among food processors, two names stand out: KitchenAid.

Easy Processing

If you like the idea of a food processor but you aren't interested in investing in a large scale model, consider a hand-held or mini food model. These will give you all the same great features but will take up less space and may also cost less.  

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