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skirt. Flip flops derive their alliterate name from the sounds they make while walking. This is because these sandals lack a back and and tend to stick to the ground after every step. If an open toe shoe has a strap or a backing, it is no longer considered a flip flop. Flip flops are most often made of leather. Rubber versions are usually the most inexpensive and many people consider them to be the most comfortable. However, these shoes are not known for their durability. Many do not usually last for more than a year or so before the straps break. Flip flops may also cause your feet to be exposed to the elements since your heel isn't covered. The amount of styles are endless... Check out your choices!


There are two main types of flip flops: * The rubber cushioning at the bottom and are worn by athletes before or after sporting events. * The thicker than your standard size flip flop, they are still stylish in varying colors and can be easier on your feet. *denim. * Wedge Flip Flops: The wedge flip flop adds height without sacrificing comfort. They feature a large, platform style bottom and are designed for women, men, and children. Wedge flip flops can come in a range of heights and with lots of style options. *heeled flip flops for the ladies to add a little touch of sophistication to their summer wear. *Size and Comfort * When picking out your size, make sure not to go too big. Some flip flops offer two sizes in one, such as 7/8, but be sure to try them on firstthey might be too big on your foot, causing you to trip or have trouble walking in them. * Similarly, going too small can also be a problem. Since there is not much protection for your heels when wearing flip flops, if a shoe is too small, your heel will definitely be hanging off the back and thereby exposed to whatever dirt is on the ground. Make sure the shoe fits! * Some flip flop straps may be uncomfortable when rubbing against your feet. Rubber is usually the best strap material since it fits comfortably and won't chafe. Other heavier materials might be unpleasant to walk in, so make sure you can wear them without a problem before purchasing! * Flip flops with leather straps may seem stiff at first but will give a bit more and will be broken in better. * Make sure you have enough padding for your feet. Thing flip flops are fine for the beach, but if you expect to be wearing them most of the day you are going to need cushion to keep the balls and heels of your feet from aching.

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