Fishing is the worldwide, 10,000 year old pastime of hunting fish. Fishing can be for subsistence or commercial purposes, and one can also fish for recreation and competition.  To be a great fisherman, it takes a lot of patience and skill, a little luck, and the right equipment.  The most conventional form of recreational fishing is by using rods, reels, hooks, and bait (fishing with nets is typically prohibited outside of the commercial realm), so you need the right gear. It is important to have the right rods, line, and bait for the water conditions and desired fish species. Below you can find all the equipment necessary to catch the big one.  

Fishing Gear

This page has links to buying guides for fishing equipment. Click here for the Fishing Tips * Keep your hooks sharp.  The hook should scratch your fingernail while being lightly dragged against it. * If a fish swallows a hook, cut the line and don't try to pull the hook out.  The fish's stomach acid will dissolve it in a couple days. * Bobbers are used for floating baits off the bottom for fish such as crappies and sunfish. Bottom rigs, using sinkers instead of bobbers, are effective for catching catfish and yellow perch. * Always have the proper resources for the type of fish you are seeking.  Read up on books for bass.

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