Facial Moisturizers

There are so many Quick Tips * Moisturizers are meant to moisturize, not act as a miracle serum. * Remember that "dermatologist tested" or "dermatologist approved" doesn't amount to much since these approvals are not based on any common scale of quality. * Moisturizers that claim to Moisturizer Types Remember that you can mix and match moisturizers. * Heavy, rich '''moisturizing night creams''' are best right before bed since they will then have time to absorb into the skin while you sleep. Heavier creams are also recommended during dry winter months when skin is prone to becoming parched and flaky. * '''Light lotions''' are optimal for use during summertime when extra heat and sweat adds to clogging pores. * During the day a '''sunscreen/sunblock''' is of the essence. Most of the aging that skin will incur throughout a person's lifetime is caused by harmful UV rays. If you buy a moisturizer without sunscreen, make sure to purchase sunscreen on the side and apply it along with your face cream every day to protect against wrinkles and skin cancer. * Light diffusing or Dry or Sensitive Skin * '''Product Type''' Moisturizer for dry and/or sensitive skin. * '''Ingredients ''' Alpha hydroxies, antioxidants, and emollients such as vitamin E, aloe vera, shea butter, sweet almond oil, etc. * '''Sun Protection''' When choosing UV protection, get sunblock rather than sunscreen since it contains essential nutrients such as zinc and titanium, which are especially helpful for those with sensitive, dry skin.

Acne-Prone or Oily Skin

* '''Product Type''' comodegenic lotion. * '''Ingredients ''' Salicylic acid, glycolic acid, retinoids, * '''Sun Protection''' clogging) step in your routine. SPF is also extremely important to use in conjunction with acne medications because they usually increase your skin's sensitivity to the sun. * You might also be interested in the
Acne Treatments guide.

Aging Skin

* '''Product Type''' Products that help increase skin's natural collagen and provide lots of moisture are best for fighting wrinkles. * '''Ingredients '''fighting effects but because it can be harsh on dry skin and reacts negatively to sunlight, Avage is recommended as an alternative. * You might want to check out the