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Eyeliner is primarily used to give the eyes definition and to make them stand out. Eyeliner, depending on the type and the way you wear it, can add a whole new look to your makeup, from bold and beautiful to dainty and demure.

Choosing Eyeliner

# '''Go for quality over quantity'''. Be brand loyal if you wish, but don't skimp. Eyeliner lasts a long time, even if you use the same pencil day after day. When you consider the cost over the long run, just remember that it's often worth it to put out some extra cash to get something that will treat your eyes with the care they deserve. # '''Buy what suits your personal style'''. You'll know if basic black is your calling or if something more adventurous would suit your fun loving nature. Go with your gut, spend more on the colors you'll use most and try cheaper brands for experimenting with random hues that don't fit into your everyday routine. # '''Choose the type you are most comfortable using'''. Liquid eyeliner can be fun, but it may not be the thing for you. Try out a basic brand first to get the hang of it and then once you decide whether or not it's for you, there's always the option of upgrading.

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Eyeliner Options

* '''Colors''' ** Black, brown and grey (soft black) are classic and perfect for daily use. They can be used for basic lining or for creating a smoky look. ** For a more dramatic look, use soft brown color instead. ** If you want to brighten your eyes and make them look bigger, try using a white eyeliner on the inner corners of the eyes. It will instantly make them appear wider and it will even help draw attention away from dark undereye circles. ** Jewel tones are perfect for fall and can be paired with a matching eye shadow if desired. Often, colored eyeliners are great to use on the under edge of the lid with a basic color on top. ** Get wild with bright blues, golds or other metallic liners for a night on the town. * '''Other Features''' ** Waterproof liner is a great option during warm months, especially if you work or play outdoors. ** Glitter or shimmer can create a fun, flirty look. Pop Beauty Glitter Stix.

Eyeliner Types

Application Tips

* Always clean the pencil before using it! This helps to keep your eyes free from infection. What would a beautiful makeup application be if your eyes turned all red and puffy? * Practice first. Use the back of your hand to get the feel for a new pencil before using it on your eyes. * Warm it up a little before applying it by holding it under a lighter for a second or two. This technique also helps remove bacteria. Just be careful to test it for temperature before putting the liner to your eyes since you could burn your sensitive eye skin. * Start the line as close to the lashes as possible. Go from the inside to outside making small lines as you go and then blend with a Q-tip, smudge brush, or your pinkie finger. If you have a steady hand, try to make one smooth line from the inner to outer corner for the best look. * Use pencil eyeliner on the inner rims of the eyes if you wish. * If you're new at liquid eyeliner, simply dab three small dots along the upper lid from the middle to the far edge. Then use a well sharpened pencil liner to spread it out from the inner to outer corners of the eye. You'll get a smooth, bold line that's close to the lashes with very little chance of making a mistake. As you get better you can gradually adopt the liquid liner only technique.

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