Eye Shadows

palettes with more than 10 different shades.

Choosing Eye Shadow

# The best shadows (powder type) are more expensive because they have higher quality pigments and a finer consistency. That means pricier shadows will be richer in color and be easier to blend. They might even last longer and have less of a tendency to crease. As for cream shadows, don't worry about spending an arm and a leg since it won't make much of a difference in the quality. # Spend the most on colors you plan to wear often. They will make the most difference in your everyday look. For trendier shades that aren't as easy to wear, a bright blue for example, spend as little as needed. # Color choice is completely optional. Everyone will have a preference as to whether they like earthy neutrals or bold shades best and nobody can tell you that you aren't allowed to wear green eyeshadow if you want to. But remember that depending on your hair and skin tone some colors might naturally be better matches to bring out your best features. # If you are unsure about whether you really like a particular color, buy the cheap one first to experiment. Once you decide if it suits you, go buy it in a better brand.

Which color is best?

There is no right or wrong, but there are some basic suggestions. Here goes: * '''Baby blues''' go best with taupes, beige, gold, peach or cantaloupe. Gray and purple are good too. * '''Emerald gems''' are offset with bronze, caramel, gold and brown. Plums and apricot also work. * '''Hazel hues''' are nicely matched with deep brown and golden shades. Maybe give greens and purple a try too. * '''Brown-eyed girls''' can play up any and all of the neutral tones. Also look into navy, blues and charcoal.

Shadow Types

* '''Pressed Powder''' ** Matte powder eye shadow is basic. It is versatile, subtle or bold depending how you apply it, and it is good for all ages and skin types. ** It can be applied wet or dry either with a hair brush or a sponge brush. ** A substitute for matte shadow is bronzer, but never blush or lipstick. * '''Cream Shadow''' ** This is the most recent advance in eyeshadow. This sheer and shiny formula is easy to apply, blend, and mix. ** You can apply it with a makeup applicator or your fingers. ** The only drawback is that this type of shadow is easily smudged, so take care to prep properly. ** Also, these are best reserved for the younger ladies. If you have lots of wrinkles around your eyes, it will only make them more apparent. * '''Pencils''' ** These are not as common. Usually the formula is creamy and may have a shimmer. ** They are easy to apply because they come in a stick form. ** Not good for older eyes because they may tug on the skin. * '''Illuminators''' ** These are fairly new to the market, but a great tool to have in your toolbox. ** These are basically highlighters built in a narrow form factor. ** They allow you to touch up around the inner corners of the eyes or sweep just under the tail of the browline to make it seem more lifted.

Application Tips

When you want to apply a one, two, three, or four color design to your lids, always be sure to properly prep your eyes with concealer and/or foundation so that the color stays and doesn't smudge. * Use separate brushes if you are using more than one color. * Always tap or shake of the brush before applying the color so that it won't become caked. * Forget using the foam applicators included with the cheaper variety of shadows that are mediocre to poor quality. * Blend always! There should never be obvious lines where you apply shadow. * Do not match the shadow to your outfit when using bright colors unless it is subtle. * Unless you are young enough to sport them, avoid bright neon shadows. Check out these links for more application suggestions: Seventeen Magazine,, Paula's Choice, Beauty and

Shadow Spotlight

There are hundreds of colors and brands to choose from. Here are just a few quick picks.

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