Dog Leashes and Collars

If you want to keep your dogs close by on a walk, it behooves you to get a collar. In addition to being practical ways to keep your dogs nearby, these are the most popular ways to show off your dogs' originality. This is a slight issue of practicality and a big style question. How you dress your dogs will largely how the world looks at them. If you care about that, this is a very important decision. Luckily, you can switch collars and leashes up at any time, as long as your dogs are comfortable in them. !

Materials of Collars and Leashes

There are plenty of fabrics that collars and leashes can be made of. Look, read, and learn. ! Does It Fit? * You should be able to fit two finger between your dogs' necks and the collars. ** Just buy a collar whose circumference is 1-2 inches larger than that of your dog's neck. * They're not too heavy for the dogs, are they? * Does the length work with your dogs' walking styles? If they keep tripping, it might be too long. Keep getting tangled? Too short.

Stay Safe

* They're called
dog tags for a reason. Outfit your pooch with a label denoting name, address, and phone number, just in case you get separated and he wants to send mail home. ** Put their licenses and vaccination histories on the tag too. A legal, healthy dog is more likely to be shown mercy. * If you're not on your own property, best to keep your dogs leashed. They can get away from you at a moment's notice.

Collar and Leash Accessories

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