Dog Bedding

If you don't want your dogs sleeping in your bed with you every night, you might want to get them their own beds. Some dogs are picky, some have health needs, and some are happy to plop down wherever there's a pillow. Buying a bed for your pooch, like it would be for any other family member, is a process of balancing comfort, space, and price. Read on to learn your options. If they keep rejecting the beds you get, try enticing them with treats in the bed and lots of praise for using them. Try moving the location, just in case their problem is with the room, not the bed. If they start showing signs of sickness or injury from the bed, visit a vet and find out if the injuries are bedding-related. These beds are going to run you somewhere from $150. Price and quality aren't directly related, but a more expensive bed might have slightly higher quality materials.

Types of Dog Beds

Between you and your dogs, you should be able to figure out which of these styles is a good fit. The beds should be at least 9-12 inches bigger than your dogs on all sides.

Things to Consider

* Does your dog have any allergies to fabrics or fillers? Get something hypoallergenic. * How muscular and fat is your dog? Does it need a lot of padding? Get a donut bed. * How big is your dog? Big dogs need small beds. * Are multiple dogs snuggling together? Get super big bed. * Will your dog be wet in the bed? Get a waterproof bed. * Will your dog wet the bed? Get puppy pads. * Is this bed going to get chewed up? Get a chewproof bed. * Are you going to want to move frequently? Get a travel bed.

Fabrics and Specialty Constructions

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