Important Features

* '''Wash Tiers''' ** The places that water sprays from are known as '''wash tiers''' or''' wash levels'''. ** The better dishwashers have three; discount "builder's models" may only have one. ** More tiers are always better. Unless you plan to use your dishwasher for only very light cleaning (like in a wet bar), you definitely want at least two tiers. Three or more is the standard number in most of the top-performing dishwashers. * '''Noise''' ** If your kitchen opens up to the living or dining room, choosing a ''', many users complained that third racks just made it harder to load the dishwasher. * '''Efficiency Rating''' ** Check Energy Star ratings to save money on electricity and water. ** More efficient models may cost a little extra, but the '''savings''' on your energy bill will quickly make the additional cost worthwhile. ** Efficient models are also more environmentally friendly. * '''Heavy-duty disposal options''' ** Food-grinder/garbage disposal. ** Some dishwashers have built-in solid food disposals; other models require you to clean the filter every few weeks. * '''Warranty '''and in-area servicing. ** Dishwashers are usually pretty reliable, but a warranty is always a good thing to have.

Costs and Brands

Major Brands: Whirlpool * '''Economy (less than $500)''' ** Roper ** Admiral ** Hotpoint * '''Mid$800) ''' ** Amana ** Kenmore ** Maytag ** Whirlpool ** KitchenAid ** Asko ** Bosch ** Miele ** Fisher & Paykel ** Thermador !

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