Digital Picture Frames Buying Guide

The memory card as either a slideshow or a standstill image, making it easy for everyone to decide (or not to decide) what picture to display. Some models include internal memory, on which you can store images. Digital picture frames start for as little as $100, and can go for as much as $500.

Features to Consider

* Pictures displayed on a LCD screen at resolutions upward of 720x480. * Most, if not all, digital frames are USB ready, making transfers directly from a computer a snap. * Frames with built in memory are capable of transfers direct from either a home computer or memory card. * Most frames accommodate all major memory card types. * Realistic looking frame designs fit in well with any room.

Get Digital!

Digital frames can come in all sizes according to your preference. Xuma offers some great models that come equipped with memory card slots and support a variety of picture and audio mediums for versatility and musical playback with your slides. Also, you choose  the interval time between slides and your preferred language for the display. A clock, calendar, remote control and multitude of photo display options including thumbnail and zoom make these frames extra special. Pick one up today.   Also, take your frames on the go with the Ceiva's Photo Receiver gives the least technological people a chance to dive face first into the digital world. The Photo Receiver requires no effort from the user. The home user simply connects the frame to a phone jack. Anyone they know can set up an account online through Ceiva and upload pictures directly to the frame, making this a great alternative for those who have absolutely no experience using a computer or digital camera.

Top Manufacturers

* Ceiva * Brookstone * Philips * Sharper Image

Digital Picture Display Options