Diaper Rash Ointment

It happens red, scaly, maybe even swollen rashes on your baby's beautiful skin. The combination of sensitive skin and warm, wet diapers is disastrous for any baby. Here are a few things you can do to cut down on the likelihood of diaper rash: * Go without a diaper to let your baby "air out" as much as possible. * Avoid clothing that is binding or tight. * Change your baby as frequently as possible. Check the diaper for wetness as soon as your infant has fallen asleep. * Use warm water and mild soaps instead of baby wipes. * If you must use wipes, they should be unscented. If these preventative methods fail and your baby gets a diaper rash, try using an ointment. A good ointment should provide gentle healing and protection to relieve and soothe your baby's sensitive skin. It also provides a moisture barrier to help keep the affected area dry. For this purpose, you might want to consider using the ointment even when your baby isn't suffering from a rash.

Top Manufacturers

*lanolin, to which some babies may be allergic. *Amazon. ** Zinc oxide is the active ingredient in treating and preventing the rash. * Triple Paste medicated ointment with zinc oxide is thick so it stays on the skin longer without wiping away. ** It's also been known to help adults with their rash breakouts. * A & D Ointment is good to have around because it's also useful in healing and protecting open cuts and scrapes in both children and adults. ** Containing vitamins A and D (hence the name), this ointment clears up diaper rash without any offensive medicinal odors. ** This also helps heal tattoos, but hopefully you won't have to worry about that one for awhile. * California Baby is made from natural products. ** Provides aromatherapy as well as rash relief. ** Also can be used to reduce acne inflammation on adults.