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We all know that the ultimate status symbol is an amazing bag that works for you...and do choose wisely!

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More Bang For Your Buck

Let's be honest. Many of us cannot afford to go out and drop thousands every year to maintain a fabulous look. Here are some ideas to help you get the designer look for less. The internet has some of the best kept secrets when it comes to handbags. * Bag Borrow or Steal: As its name suggests, the website recognizes that girls will stop at nothing to obtain the bag that they want. For a monthly membership fee, members can sunglasses, in addition to handbags, under the same membership plans. How great is that? * Bluefly: Bluefly prides itself on being 'the ultimate hookup for the fashion obsessed.' This website has tons of Gusto. The Bluefly site is extremely organized and categorized, breaking things down in terms of color, occasion, and shape, making the shopping experience easy and enjoyable.

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