Decorative Sugar Sprinkles Buying Guide

Your cakes and baked treats will look even yummier when garnished with sugar sprinkles! jimmies, are used for sparkling up your cookies, cup cakes, ice creams, cakes, doughnuts, and even puddings! They are available in various colors and flavors that users can use them according to your taste! 


There are many kinds of edible candy decorations which are either placed in particular spots or sprinkled randomly on a surface.  * Sanding sugar sprinkles are small sugar crystals which can give your baked goodies a sparkling surface. * Crystal sugar sprinkles are a larger version comparatively to sanding sugae sprinkled. * Pearl sugar sprinkles are tiny sugary spheres. *gold, or copper sprinkles are often used on wedding cakes. * Sprinkles can also come in different flavors such as cinnamon * For some added fun, you can also find sprinkles in different shapes.


* For Christmas, encourage your kids to bake by getting the red and green sprinkles. * Buy sugar sprinkles in flipbox'>boxes with easy dispensing covers so that you can sprinkle as you please! * Buy stencils to make interesting shapes of powdered sugar on the cake surface. *button shape sprinkles for the eyes and mouth. * Sugar sprinkles are complemented with icing, fruits, cream, edible rosettes and goodies, and chocolate sprinkles such as chocolate chips! Have fun!


* Wilton * Betty Crocker * Dean Jacobs

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