Since your newborn may sleep as many as 16 hours a day, your baby will probably spend more time in the crib than anywhere else. That's why it's important that the crib you buy is safe, comfortable and sturdy. The National Safety Council has some great crib safety tips.

How Safe Is It?

All new cribs must meet the minimum Materials * Metal Cribs are sturdy and strong. * Hardwood Cribs are warmer, more comfortable, and stylish. ** Look for beech, pine, oak or ash, but ''not'' fiberboard. *blankets, bedding, or other baby necessities. * Crib Bumpers — Padding on the inside of the crib railings will prevent your baby from throwing toys or sticking a limb through the railings. * Adjustable Mattress Heights — As your child grows older and learns to climb, it will be helpful to be able to lower the mattress to prevent injury. *Added Words of Wisdom Start shopping for a crib several months before your due date. If you order online, the shipping may take some time. If you buy it at the store, they don't always have cribs in stock, you may have to have it  special ordered. Depending on the model, assembly could take up some time as well.  Allow yourself at least 5 weeks for delivery from the day you order the crib. A final bit of advice, don't skimp on the crib mattress.  A baby that sleeps well is less likely to be fussy.  This purchase is an investment in your health and sanity. Read the mattress article to learn more about improving your sleep.

Major Manufacturers

* Da Vinci * Delta * StorkCraft

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