Contact Lenses

Contact lenses have revolutionized the eye care industry. Whether for correctional purposes or for fashion, there has been a large increase in availability and selection. One of the biggest advantages to switching to contact lenses is that it allows users to free themselves from wearing glasses. Contact lenses, when fit properly, shouldn't feel as though there is anything at all on your eyes, and thus the result is a very comfortable fit and clear vision. There are many different types and brands of contact lenses. : ''NOTE: All contact lenses should be specifically fit for your eyes by an eye care professional. Obtaining contact lenses without a valid prescription is illegal.''

Contact Lens Advantages

* When playing sports or exercising, lenses won't fall off and break as is the case with glasses. * Contact lenses don't fog up when entering a steam filled environment. * Easy to use and easy to care for. * Unlike glasses which reduce peripheral vision, contacts allow for a wider field of vision. * Soft contacts are comfortable and are easy to adjust to wearing on a daily basis. * Contacts can be worn under eyeglasses to correct severe vision problems that are beyond the strength of eyeglasses alone. * Rain does not collect on eyeglasses. * Sunglasses! Break out the sweet shades again, because sunglasses can return to your wardrobe.

Contact Lens Wearing Tips

Wearing contact lenses can seem scary at first, but once you get the hang of it, removing and putting in contact lenses will take little more than a split second. * Always keep right and left lenses separate, especially if you have two different prescriptions. Even if your prescription is the same, it is a good idea to try to keep the lenses separate in case one eye gets infected. * Make sure the contact lenses are not inside out. Even if it is inside out and goes in your eye, it will not do any damage. It will, however, be quite uncomfortable. Contact lenses are not inside out when they are shaped more like a cup than a bowl.  In other words, you will know that the contact lenses are in the proper position when the shape of the lens looks more like half of a circle than a deep soup bowl. * Always wash your hands before touching your contacts or your eyes! Place one contact on the very tip of your index finger. With the index finger and thumb of the other hand, gently pull the bottom lid down and the top lid up. Carefully position the lens on your eye. It is easiest to look up or look down while inserting the contact. Role your eyes in a complete circle to allow the lens to settle in. * To remove the lens, wash hands and pull gently at lower eyelid. Gently pinch the contact with your index finger and thumb while looking up or sideways. Place in storage container with contact solution. * Remember to take out contact lenses before sleeping! * Be careful when applying makeup with contacts. Always put the contact lenses in before applying makeup. Never apply eyeliner between lashes and your eye. 

Disposable Contacts

* Disposable contacts come in daily, weekly, and monthly varieties. * Daily contacts allow users the ability to have new contacts for every day of the week although slightly more expensive than weekly contacts, the cost is comparable when factoring in the cost of contact solution in over the cost of a year. * Weekly contacts allow users to dispose of contacts ofter a week or 2 and they require minimal maintenance besides daily rinsing and storage *Focus Night and Day contact lenses have become a popular choice amongst users due to the minimal amount of maintenance required.

Contact Lenses by Types


How to Buy Colored Contacts


Major Manufacturers

* Acuvue * Bausch and Lomb * CIBA * Cooper Vision * Focus * Freshlook * Johnson & Johnson * SoftLens


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