Computer Desks Buying Guide

You've just purchased a new computer and now you are faced with a dilemma: where to put it? Perhaps a table or a desk, or maybe you would like to have a whole workstation? Luckily, there's a plethora of options available when it comes to choosing your chair) could be the difference between enjoying work and hating it. Let us help you get started!


* '''Size''' should be a primary concern. Desks can get as big or as small as you'd like. ** Do you want your whole life on this desk? ** How much room do you have for this desk? ** Do you have a flat screen monitor or a hulking CRT monitor? *** Make sure that any shelving on top of the desk (often called a "hutch") is not to low or shallow for your monitor. *** All of your purchases should come with dimensions — make sure they match up. * '''Ergonomics '''will ensure comfort in your work environment. ** Does the desk have tilt options? ** Can it be used standing or sitting? ** Is it made with hypoallergenic materials? ** Is it large enough to allow for wheelchair access? * '''Weight and Height''' ** How much are you willing to carry? ** How tall do you want it to climb? ** At what level do you need the monitor? *** Normal desk heights of 29-30 inches are often too high for typing. *** If you're of average height, you'll want to type at 2630". ** If you have a chair with armrests, make sure they can fit under the desk. ** Some desks come with standing or sitting styles for your typing convenience. * '''Wheels''' are sometimes nice to have, but can be a hazard. * '''Holes for Wires''' come in some desks or their accompanying hutches. ** They're a great way to keep your area neat. Just thread your cords all through a single hole and they are out of your way. ** Some desks even have special spots for surge protectors to sit and collect all of your cords. * '''Adjustability''': The more adjustable components your desk has (assuming they are sturdy) the more flexibility you'll have in creating an area that meets all your needs.  **trays, heights, and doors will let you change your appliances over time and make your desk a smoothly running workstation. * '''Ease of Assembly''' ** Will you be putting it together by yourself? ** Do you want something pre-assembled? ** Will it be Installed by someone else? * '''Warranty''' ** Most mid15 year warranties. Higher quality ones are guaranteed for longer. ** Your warranty may say a lot about the quality you're buying.






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