There are two main types of comforters: down comforters. Your climate and the average temperature of your home will determine which comforter is the best for you.

Comforter Types

* '''Down alternative comforters are a cheaper option; they are filled with synthetic or natural materials that have insulating and warming properties similar to down.

Comforter Styles

Quick Picks


Most bed comforters feature covers made of a variety of materials like Egyptian cotton. Comforter covers should have a high thread count with closely packed fibers to prevent the down or wool filling from spilling out.

Bed Size

Get comforters in appropriate sizes. It is better if the comforter is a little bigger than your bed size to cover the sides of your bed. * Twin size: 64" Width x 87" Length. * Queen size: 87" Width x 87" Length. * King size: 101" Width x 90" Length.

Popular Manufacturers

* Southern Textiles * Dan River * Pem America

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