Collectible Dolls

There are so many types of dolls in this world, and it's funny how like people, they mimic our diversity. They are made of different materials, with different styles, designs, and cultural backgrounds. More importantly, every doll has its own unique personality and aura. Once you find the doll that speaks to you, you will know it is the right one. That's why suggesting to buy one doll or another is completely futile. However, understanding about the different types available and how to judge a doll's value can be useful in one's quest to create the perfect collection. For the newbie, this guide should help get you started. Where you go from here is up to your imagination and dedication. Remember that collecting should be fun and like any hobby, it takes time. Collections don't appear overnight. Take your time. Research. Love what you do, don't do it just because you think it will make a buck or two. Collecting may reap some monetary benefits in the future, but it's the love of the dolls that makes it worthwhile.

Major Doll Types

worry doll. *composite dollscomposite dolls. *bisque dollsbisque (unglazed porcelain) dolls are often similar in style and may be hard to tell apart. Both are elegant and usually have elaborate costumes. *Troll DollsTroll Dolls that some say are making a come back. *Pinocchio.

Antique or Contemporary?

All of these dolls, regardless of their composition will fall under a certain category, from antique to modern. How do you tell them apart? * Remember that antique dolls are those made more than 75 years ago. Depending on their condition and the make, they may be more valuable or of equal value to modern dolls. * Anything made more than 25 years ago is considered a "collectible," not to be confused with the general term that refers to collecting. Dolls from this period are sometimes referred to as vintage. * Dolls made recently, in the past 25 years or so are considered modern, meaning that they are contemporary and are still in production. * Dolls can be "onekind" (OOAK), which are usually rare and highly valuable. * Restored dolls are ones that have been doctored to fix broken limbs, missing eyes, hair or the original clothes.

Doll Value and Condition

Dolls are not simply worth more because they are older. To be worth something, a doll must be in good condition. It should be clean, in one piece, and not show any major visible flaws such as cracks, holes, etc. If you want a doll to be worth more, it should also be in its original condition and in the box, if possible. Dolls that need repair can undergo doll surgery to improve their looks, but it will not necessarily increase their value. The doll's design, clothes, and accessories also play a part in the worth of the doll. The facial expression, the hair, the details on the construction and on the clothes are all important. Lastly, the more popular and/or rare a doll is, the more it may be worth. !

Famous Dolls

*Adora dolls Adora * American Girl *Ken * Blythe * Bratz *Cabbage Patch Dolls Cabbage Patch Dolls * Ginny * Kewpie Dolls * Lee Middleton *Madame Alexander dolls Madame Alexander *Robert Tonner dolls Robert Tonner ** Betsy McCall ** Kitty Collier ** Mary Endlebreit ** Tiny Betsy McCall ** Tyler Wentworth * Strawberry Shortcake and Friends