Coin Collecting

The first thing to do to begin collecting coins is decide what type of coins you want to have. The decision is entirely up to you and should be personalized to your interests. Below are some common types of mint coin that is more available, it may not be worth as much. Each case differs. '''Condition and Grading''' Coins are graded according to four factors: strike (the distinctness of the ridges and shapes on the metal), visual appearance (color, reflectivity, etc.), luster (shine), and wear (deterioration and aberrations). Be aware that luster can be affected by cleaning and polishing which are both a faux pas in the world of coin collecting. Unless a coin is mint or close to it, it will probably be slightly faded or lack brilliance. Once a circulated coin has been enhanced, there may be hairline scratches on the surface which will severely decrease the coin's value. A grading system is used to measure the quality of a coin. NGC (Numismatic Guarantee Corporation) and PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service) determine the quality, condition and authenticity of a coin.The rating system is as follows: * '''Types of Coin Collectors * '''Investors''': People who enter coin collecting to make money. They search for the most valuable coins and look to sell the coins at the highest values they can. * '''Hoarder''': People who collect any coins they can find. They do not have a specific focus in their collection. Most hoarders collect coins as a hobby. * '''Inheritors''': People who inherit coins from others. They do not need to know much about the coins. The fact that they inherited the coins from another and have the coins in their possession qualifies them as an inheritor coin collector.

Coin Care

* Try to always hold the coin by its edges. * Use
cotton gloves to handle valuable coins to prevent fingerprints appearing on the coins. * In general, coins should not be cleaned. Cleaning could potentially damage a coin. If a coin needs to be cleaned, take the coin to a professional. * Do not use coin holders. They contain PVC which can give the coin a greenish tint after time.

Commemorative Coins

Some coins were made specifically for collector's purposes and can be used to commemorate important