Women's Coats

When the weather gets a little chillier for fall, what's the most important part of completing your wardrobe? Your coat. Coats don't have to just be something that keeps you warm, they can be the best part of your entire outfit! Fear not the cold weather, let it bring out the best of your style!

Every Day Fall/Winter Coats

When the weather really starts to dip, winter coats are essentially. Yes, your cropped corduroy jacket is cute but it won't keep you warm when the snow starts falling. Of course, there are different fabrics which leads to differences in warmth, so choose wisely according to the current weather. * Wool: Wool is always a great, and relatively affordable, choice. It'll keep you fairly warm without being too heavy. * Fleece: Fleece is good when the weather is still fall friendly. It won't hold up alone in freezing temperatures, however. * Down: Down is a lightweight choice that will definitely keep you warm, but you don't want to get it wet. It becomes lumpy and heavy, and may start to smell. * Fur:  Fur can be very expensive, but offers an elegant look. It's another choice for the really cold days. * Leather: Leather is a great look, even though it can be a bit heavy. It's not as warm as down or fur, but it'll get the job done with layers.

Trench Coats

Trench coats are a classic look. Whether you are going for a way to dress up your outfit or something that will give you great coverage, a trench coat is the way to go. * When trying on a trench coat, check out its length. If you are short, trench coats that come to the knee or a little higher will be more appropriate. If it's too long, your shortness will really show, unless you wear a pair of heels. * There are cropped versions of trench coats that come, like most other coats, to the hips. * Make sure the shoulders fit well! Those with broad shoulders will look best in trench coats. * If you want a dress up coat, go for a satin trench. If you want something more casual, opt for a cotton or military-styled trench.


When you think raincoats, you might think of those bright yellow plastic slickers, but raincoats can have just as much style as functionality. * Raincoats are made of a rubberized fabric that will keep you water free. * For a classic look, there are trench style raincoats. You'll be singing in the rain in no time! * If you want something casual, go for a short, hooded raincoat. * Raincoats can come in all sorts of bright colors, so don't be afraid to stand out on an otherwise gray day.

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