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Snips and snails and puppy dog tails?  Is that really what boys are made of?  Probably not, but regardless of what boys are made of, they are going to need clothes.  True, your son may prefer to run around in his birthday suit, but he needs tee shirts at the very least.  Beyond the basics, boys will need clothes for parties, sports and playtime.  Since most kids (especially boys) hate to shop, this guide is aimed to take the pain out of gathering all the information you need to make quick and easy purchases.

Size Information

Here is a basic idea of how things break down: * '''Boys 4-7''' ** In general, these sizes should fit preschoolers, but can span from ages 3-8 years old. ** At this age boys and girls will have similar measurements and some styles for example, turtlenecks and overalls are unisex. ** Weight will fall between 32 and 54 lbs. ** Height will range between 39-48 inches. ** Here's how the numbers and letter sizes match up: S=4, M=5, L=6. XL=6x or 7 * '''Boys 8-20''' ** In general, these sizes should fit grade schoolers (roughly ages 7-13). ** Height will range between 48-68 inches. ** Here's how the numbers and letter sizes match up: S=8 or 9, M=1020 * '''Boys Slim''' ** For boys with a small frame and thin body. ** Waists are as small as 21" for Boys 8-20. ** Available for preschoolers and grade schoolers. * '''Boys Husky''' ** For boys where the weight is heavier than the proportional height. ** Available for preschoolers and grade schoolers. ** Sizes will accommodate up to a 35" waist.

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More of Your Burning Questions Answered

* Looking for a '''Special Size'''? Many of the larger retailers offer both slim and husky-sized clothing for boys. ** '''Slim Sizes:''' Dickies are all brands that offer slim sizes. ** '''Husky Sizes: '''There are a lot of brands offering plus sizes for boysto name a few. ** has a good article about how to dress your plus-sized child. * Need a '''school uniform'''? Read our guide for Back to School. * Want information on how to keep your little guy warm at the first sign of snow? The Guide to Winter Clothes should help you out. * Before dressing your son for the Christmas photo, you may want to read the Holiday Clothes for Kids article.

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