Cleaning Your Jewelry

Different best friends need different kinds of cleaning. For your dog or cat, pet shampoo and a hose or sink should be enough. Your diamonds, on the other hand, need a little more attention, at least when it comes to cleaning, as does all your other jewelry. You might think that a rock is a rock is a rock, and you can basically clean all of your jewelry the same way methods that get great results for one kind of gem may be devastating to another. If you are uncertain about how to clean a particular piece of jewelry, '''ask the jeweler or have it professionally cleaned'''. Isn't your good jewelry worth it? One more tip on general gemstone care: don't be fooled by the statement, "Diamonds are the hardest substance known to man."  The hardness of a mineral refers to its ability to scratch or be scratched by other materials. Diamonds can't be scratched; however, they can be chipped, cracked, or even shattered by a sudden impact. This is true of any hard stone, but diamonds are particularly vulnerable to negligence because they are thought of as indestructible. Use care when handling and cleaning your jewelry and avoid dropping it or banging it on a surface. !

Ultrasonic Cleaners

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Care Tips by Gemstone

These tips are compile from a number of sources listed in the external links section. They are inteded as a guideline only; use caution and always treat your bijoux with care. * '''Amber''' ** Amber is very delicate and should only be cleaned with mild soap and warm water. ** Sensitive to heat, pressure, and vibration. * '''Amythest''' ** See Quartz. * '''Aquamarine''' ** Depending on the stone, ultrasonic cleaners may be safe. ** Avoid heat and any acidic cleaners. * '''Citrine''' ** See Quartz. * '''Coral''' ** Handle with extreme care; like other organic gems, coral is very sensitive to most cleaners. ** Wipe with a damp cloth and allow to dry on a soft surface for several hours. * '''Diamond''' ** Diamonds do well in ultrasonic cleaners as long as they are in good condition. ** Watch for loose settings sometimes dirt is holding the stone in place! * '''Emerald''' ** Emeralds are frequently oiled; cleaning them at home can risk damage to this protective coating. ** Lukewarm water and a little soap are all you need; never put emeralds in an ultrasonic cleaner. * '''Garnet''' ** Garnets are durable gems and can go in an ultrasonic cleaner. Other methods will also work. * '''Jade''' ** Jade is very delicate and should be cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth only. Allow to dry on a soft, absorbent surface for several hours. * '''Lapis Lazuli''' ** Don't use hot water, strong cleaners, or soaking. ** A little bit of cool, very dilute cleaning solution followed by a good rinse and prolonged drying period are all you need. * '''Opal''' ** Delicate and especially sensitive to heat and harsh chemicals. ** Wash gently with soapy water; allow to dry for several hours. * '''Pearls''' ** Pearls are extremely delicate and particularly absorbent. To keep your pearls in their best condition, don't put them on until you've finished applying makeup, perfume and hair products. ** Wipe pearls with damp cloth and allow to dry in a safe place. The only cleaner you should use is a very mild, dilute soap. Also make sure to wipe your pearls with a soft cloth after each wearing. ** Periodically bring your pearls to the jeweler to be restrung. * '''Peridot''' ** Can be cleaned with a dilute ammonia solution; some stones may be safe for ultrasonic machines. ** Do not expose to intense heat. * '''Quartz''' ** The quartz family (including amythest, citrine, rose quartz and many other popular stones) is a durable group; these stones are safe in an ultrasonic clenaer. ** Can also be cleaned with soapy solutions. ** Avoid strong heat and abrupt shocks to the stone. * '''Ruby & Sapphire''' ** Rubies and sapphires are part of the corrundum group. These stones are durable and can generally be cleaned safely in an ultrasonic machine. * '''Tanzanite''' ** Sensitive to temperature and ultrasonic machines. ** Clean in warm, soapy water. * '''Topaz''' ** All colors of topaz should be kept away from intense heat. ** Clean with ammonia solution or soapy water only; do not use ultrasonic machine. * '''Turquoise''' ** Like many other opaque stones, turquoise is sensitive to heat, ultrasonic vibration, and chemical cleaners. ** Clean with a soft, damp cloth; dry with a soft cloth and allow to air-dry further. ** Turquoise is sensitive to skin acidity; be sure to wipe it down after wearing it as you would with pearls. * '''Zircon''' ** Scratches much more easily than the diamonds it resembles; handle carefully. ** Can be cleaned in ultrasonic machines but do not expose to high heat. ** Ammonia and mild soaps are also safe.