Classic and Retro Toys

Remember all those cool toys you used to have back in the day? Those same toys that will be loved indefinitely for decades to come? Well, it's time to check out those relics again! Spark your memory and remember what every kid has played with at some time in their life. Whether for yourself, as an avid collector, or for a child who is still growing up, there are plenty of fun retro toys on the market to suit everyone's inner child. With a selection like this, you are bound to find what you are looking for! You may also be interested in seeing the toys resources page, which has links to reviews, recalls, and more.

Physical Activity Toys and Games

Here are some of those classics created as far back as a century ago or more. They have been reinvented and enhanced throughout the years and continue to amuse both big kids and little kids alike. And at a time when child obesity is at an all time high, these toys provide kids with the physical activity they need.

Old-School Education

Nowadays it seems like everything is electronic. But remember when learning was all about simple letters and numbers?  

The Classics

Whether playing by yourself or against others, these are some of those classics that remain a favorite even today.

Career Kids

For some reason, little kids love to pretend to be old. Kids have pretended to be builders, policemen, conductors, and more as long as the jobs themselves have existed. Check out the classic toys that will fuel your kid's imagination.


The world of collectibles spans far and wide. The products featured here are just a few of the many toys that have come and gone, and have snuggled (and fought) their way into our hearts.

Kids in the Kitchen

Kids have always pretended to do what they can't yet. Cooking is no exception. "Playing house," the classic childhood imagination game, revolves around imaginary meals.  

Retro Toys

Some of these classics have been reinvented, but mostly they are hard to come by.

Arts and Crafts Toys

Get your artistic side into action with these classic, creative toys!

Puzzles and More

Puzzles are a classic activity great to do in groupsput one together with your kid!

Living Toys

Remember your first pet? Nothing teaches kids responsibility like giving them a lowpets below.

Water Toys

In the summertime, nothing beats fun in the sun with a bit of water to cool off! Kids have been keeping cool with the following activities for years, and they continue to be popular choices today!

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