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Looking to buy cigars for yourself or as a gift? If this is your first time purchasing cigars, this guide will give you the basics on how to choose cigars, from type to flavor to price.

Cigar Basics

There are many ways to choose cigars. First off, decide whether you want a machine-rolled cigar or a handmade cigar. * Usually handmade cigars fall under a higher price bracket and often pertain to what are deemed Culebra. If you would like a lengthy, but comprehensive explanation of types, sizes, and more, please see this cigar FAQ.

Wrapper Color

The wrapper is the outer leaf of the cigar and it can range from a greenish hue to a dark brown, nearly black color. It is important to consider the wrapper because it influences the immediate taste of the cigar in your mouth. However, it is less influential on the smoke itself. Here are the main "colors" of wrappers that affect a cigar's flavor and body: * '''Country of Origin Tobacco for cigars is grown all over the world. Likewise, cigars are produced in several countries. Here are just a few of the most common. For an in depth breakdown of the various flavors, please see this cigar FAQ (section 2.7 and 2.7a). * Under $5 * * Over $15

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