Christmas Gifts

Read on to get some basic pointers on how to buy Christmas gifts, along with some ideas for traditional Christmas decoration presents and alternatives to classic gift giving.

Who Gets a Gift?

The first list you need to make is one that includes everyone you know you want to shop for. This may include: * Immediate and extended family, or your in-laws. * Coworkers, business contacts, clients, or your boss. * People from your social circle, including friends, acquaintances, neighbors, postal workers, and the like. Categorize who is an A list (someone you HAVE to buy for), a B list (someone you probably should buy for, and a C list (someone you would like to buy for if you have the money to do so).

Unexpected Gifts?

It never failscookies'>baked goods, Christmas ornaments, bath and body gifts, scarves, picture frames, or other small trinkets can be wrapped (and left untagged) so that you can give them on the spur of the moment.

How Much to Spend

Since it's the thought that counts, you don't need to spend an arm and a leg on gifts; set your budget and stick to it! With that in mind, after you have established who you need to shop for, estimate what you can afford to spend. This is an important step: staying as far out of the red as possible is the key to a happy holiday.

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Classic Gifts

Sometimes you just want to buy someone something that evokes the spirit of Yuletide cheer. Gifts gilded, green, or red fit the bill along with these classic Christmas decor items that will make every Scrooge a tad more apt to joining in on the festivities.

Gift Alternatives

Buying gifts is easy for the most part when you know what to get someone. But what happens when you are shopping for the person who has everything? The person who hates clutter? The person who says that he or she doesn't want anything? These can be some of the hardest people to shop for. In order to get around this potential road block you have to think creatively. Here are some non-standard ideas to try this holiday season. * '''Host a Christmas party.''' Invite all of your friends over for a shindig and specify ''no gifts''. Prepare food, drinks, music, and entertainment either with the help of a planner or on your own, depending on how elaborate you want the party to be. Again, make a budget before you start undertaking this project and, as usual, plan well in advance. * '''Make your own gifts'''. baked goods are fun and easy on the wallet. While they will cost you some time, your work will pay off as you can give your friends and family unique, yet thoughtful items. More homemade ideas include mix CDs, a blown up photo in a nice frame, a Christmas wreath, or a sentimental poem in a decorative frame. ** Put together a '''family recipe book'''. ** Record a series of '''audio books''' from your collection to give to a friend. ** '''Compose a song''' and play it for the recipient. * '''Give out IOU coupons'''. These won't cost you a penny, but they could save someone a bundle. Plan to give your time to someone this Christmas instead of a physical gift. Set a date to do one of the following chores for someone you care about: ** Babysit or take the kids out to the zoo, park, etc. ** Dogsit. ** Shovel the driveway. ** Invite the recipient out for coffee and a conversation. ** Take care of the housecleaning. ** Offer a neck massage. ** Teach someone a skill you have. * '''Make a donation'''. Spend money on a charity or fund that your friend or family member would approve of and put the donation in his or her name. For example: ** Saving the rain forest. ** Adopting an endangered animal. ** Sponsoring a child overseas. ** Giving people in a third world country something they need. You can visit Oxfam for more information. * '''Be the bringer of a new experience'''. There are many gifts that give the gift of a memory, from sky diving or to a dinner cruise to becoming a chef for a day or enjoying a relaxing visit to the spa. See our guide to experiential gifts for more ideas. * '''Get them something out of this world'''. Let your gift recipient '''name a star'''. * Buy someone '''one unit of stock''' in a company that is related to his or her interests. * Buy someone a subscription to his or her favorite magazine.

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